Online Ninjutsu Training with Shidoshi Jeffrey M. MillerHere's something I want you to really think about, okay. And that's the fact that the martial arts and self-defense training programs that most students are going through are based more on a "wing-and-a-prayer," than on any kind of scientific process designed to get you to your goals as quickly as possible. This is especially true if you came to the training with little to no actual fight or combat experience to begin with!

And there-in lies the problem. And that is the fact that, if you're trying to follow the scrolls of our lineages, the techniques, tactics, and strategies that were passed down from past masters, EXACTLY as written...

...then you're barking up the wrong proverbial tree.

And the reason this is true is because the scrolls - and the training in the old days - was designed to train warriors who already had "heads in their closets." Do you know what that means in the historical sense?

It means that the scrolls are designed to teach already trained and experienced fighters how to fight "better" using the principles, concepts, and techniques of a specific school. Get it?

They're not designed or laid out for the student who has nothing to go on - someone who is starting from scratch. So... base a beginner or even intermediate student's training - especially someone with no actual fight or self-defense experience - on exactly what's written down in the scrolls,without understanding what should come BEFORE even the first level techniques, is not going to help 97% of students who come to this training.

You might be wondering, what happened in the "old days" if such a student came to the training without this experience? And that would be a good question.

One of two things would happen. Either:

1) The student would get frustrated and leave the school (sound familiar), and maybe return later after they gained the necessary knowledge and experience to understand the lessons. Or...

2) Stick it out until they did figure it out - no matter how long that might take.

Of course, there were probably another 7 - 10% of students who would take the "sticking it out" option - and probably figure things out. long would that take?

The truth is that, it probably didn't take as long in those days as it will today, because back then the dojo was filled with...

...combat veterans!

Unlike the schools and training groups of today who might be lucky to have ONE teacher or senior student around with actual fight experience to draw from!

What about the rest?

Honestly, most teachers and students in most martial arts and self-defense programs simply write these folks off as not being committed, not having what it takes, being lazy... you name it.

When the problem at the core of it all is that the curriculum and lesson plans that the teacher is working from (if one actually exists to begin with), is ad-hoc, confusing, or just not laid out in a way that makes the training and resulting student-progress as quick as possible.

I mean, can you imagine what would have happened during the Warring States Period in Feudal Japan, or anywhere else for that matter, if it took as long to train students for actual it's taking in most dojo and training groups today?!

Please note that I didn't say, "How long would it take to reach Black Belt," or "How long to receive a certificate of completion." But, how long it would take to make someone combat-ready!

This end-result requires thinking that understands what should be taught (and Mastered) first, second, and so-on, to make sure that your training is not only teaching you something (anything can teach you "some-thing"), but doing so in a progressive way to build "skill proficiency," and doing so as quickly as possible.

It's not rocket science, but there is a logical, step-by-step, science to it. And, just like with any science or process -- if you get one or more of the steps out of order, or if the person you're learning from doesn't get this methodology and doesn't give you what you need or point you in the right direction, then you could completely throw off your "game," and at the very least could double or even triple the length of time it will take for you to develop the abilities you came to the training to get.

And that's where the upcoming "Science of Skill Progression" program comes in that I'll be teaching at this year's Daikomyosai New Years Weekend Intensive. It's designed to help you lay out the "pieces" of your training in order so that you know what should be done first, second, third, etc. And, it will allow you to learn more than just stances, strikes, etc., but help you to be able to use those skills in a logical flow against a real-world street attacker, throwing whatever he wants...very quickly. And then to build on that ability further.

Here's the link to the information page with the details about this year's training, as well as what we'll be focusing on:

If you're interested, stay tuned for the other lessons that I'll be posting over the next several days where I will share some of the things you'll be learning in the "Science of Skill Progression" program. Of course, if you're already signed up for this year's Daikomyo-sai event, you could just wait until then to get the information and training. But then, why not get in on this free training and get a head start on the actual, hands-on training we'll be doing in January?

Even if you don't plan on attending Daikomyosai for whatever reason, I know that what I'll be sharing in this free training will change, not only the way you view your training but also, many of the things you do IN your training! This will be real training content - not a thinly disguised sales pitch. Will I be talking about Daikomyosai and the Science of Skill progression Program? Sure... a little bit. But well over 90% of the upcoming lessons will be just that -- lessons to help you speed up your training progress and get to where you want to be, faster, more effectively, and with a lot less wasted time, effort, and frustration.

If you found this post helpful, please share it with others who would benefit. And, by all means, leave a comment or question below and I'll answer as many as I can as we move through the week.

In Mastery!

Shidoshi Miller

PS - Even though half the spots have been taken for this years Daikomyosai weekend, January 11th & 12th, there are still 10 more remaining. But you must hurry if you're planning on attending the training! Get all the details and register here:

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