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Learn from "The Strategy & Tactics Guy"!


Anyone can teach you "the moves," the kata or physical skills of this or any other martial art or self-defense system. But, there are only a handful of instructors, out of the millions who are teaching, who have the knowledge AND real-world, street experience to show you the "invisible", hidden side of training. And... Shidoshi Miller is one of those select few. So much so, that his students refer to him as the "strategy and tactics guy" - the instructor who will show you much more than step-by-step moves - he will teach you how to make your techniques more powerful and effective - the way they were originally meant to be.

As soon as you sign up, you'll get access to the same insights and strategic know-how that Shidoshi Miller is known for. This is the same high-level training that he shares with his personal students every month; in live classes, seminars, bootcamps, online webinars and training courses... and at his annual Spring and Fall Ninja Training Camps.

Every month, you will be learning not only the lessons designed to help you continuously move towards Mastery... but the same techniques, tactics, and strategies that Shidoshi Miller has used on the street and on the job as a police officer, private detective, and bodyguard.

Whether it's basic self-defense and foundational training for the beginner, advanced tactics and strategies for the advancing practitioner, or the meditation and personal development lessons of ancient sages and masters that lead to Life Mastery, Warrior Concepts Insider will provide you with the best membership and online training each and every month.

Here's a quick look at the type of training and lessons included at each membership level - lessons and authentic online ninjutsu training that you'll have Immediate Access to at each level, once you become a Premium training member:


online ninja training




Select Your Membership Level Below

NOTE: *WCI / Bujinkan Moki no Tora Dojo Yearly Student Membership does not grant additional access to the Premium Content Areas. Students have access to all free areas of the site, as well as select areas referenced through their Online Ninja Training Newsletter subscription.

Yearly Student Membership

(All memberships include first year's International Bujinkan student membership. Your card is issued and sent from Japan to our office, from where we will forward it to you after recording it.)

WCI / Bujinkan Moki no Tora Dojo Student Membership (1 Year) $35

Annual membership to the Bujinkan Moki no Tora organization. Active membership allows ranking and promotions in the Warrior Concepts' Life Mastery Programs, as-well-as Shidoshi Miller's online training newsletter, blog, and online discussions.


Online Ninjutsu Training / Distance Student Training Site Access


Silver (Level 1)

(All basic student benefits plus access to addtional articles, video and audio lessons, current and past episodes of Shidoshi Miller's very popular KUDEN podcast.)

Monthly - $15/mo

Yearly - $114/yr (Save $66)

Gold (Level 2)

(All Silver membership benefits plus access to full training lessons from some of Shidoshi Miller's most popular online training programs, hours of video shot live during the Shidoshi's live classes, bootcamps, seminars and yearly Ninja Camps.)

Monthly - $27/mo

Yearly - $229/yr (Save $95)

Gold Plus (Level 3)

(Level 4 Student training only. Access to all Silver & Gold benefits, rank-level training videos and weekly coaching calls with Shidoshi Miller. Additional program training and extras are available "ala carte")

Monthly - $100/mo

Yearly - $1,000.00/yr (Save $200)

Platinum (Level 4)

(Full, unrestricted access to all training, programs, and support - site-wide!)

Monthly - $197/mo

Yearly - $1,864.00/yr (Save $500!)


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