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Bujinkan Budo Ninpo Taijutsu
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  • Updates on WCI News and "what's happening" at the WCI Training Academy.
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...And This Is Just The Beginning!

From: Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller
Tuesday, 2:17am

Dear Fellow Ninjutsu Practitioner,

Thanks for taking a minute to check out, what I believe will be, one of the BEST resources for your self-defense and online ninja training study. But first, let me ask you a question...

Want the ability to defend yourself against anyone or anything that might damage you?

I know... it's a silly question really; because everyone on the planet who's concerned about personal safety wants the best information and training they can find!


Because the better the martial art or self-defense program is, and the better your skills are... the more capable you will be to handle whatever comes at you... period.

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And that's where Kuden Radio, one of the best and original podcasts on authentic, Japanese Ninjutsu training comes in. It's not another dry, boring, speech by someone who MIGHT know what they're talking about. It's a professionally produced "show" hosted by myself and Shidoshi Eric White. You probably don't know Eric but he's one of my top black belts who has not only been training with me for a long time, but who's also been to Japan several times. And...
on-air microphone
He's also a professional, on-air, radio personality... so he knows what it takes to produce a professional show that not only informs, but one that you'll want to listen to, all the way from start to finish!

If you're not much of a reader or hate scrolling through a mile-long web page, trying to find some usable information, then...

KUDEN is for you.


Each episode is literally jam-packed with tons of information. We talk about everything from news stories about actual attacks and how you can survive the same type of attack to the world of Bujinkan ninjutsu and budo-taijutsu training.

Make sure you have a notebook and a good pen handy, there's THAT MUCH information!

There's something for everyone but...

...we always stay focused on what's most important. And that is...

Real-World Self-Defense!And the best part is that...


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Bujinkan ninjutsu training
That said... if you want to get regular, ongoing training tips, insights, and my take on how Ninjutsu training (run through my own real-world experience at using it first-hand) could have been used to handle some of the crazy stuff going on in the world today - things you and I see in the news every day.

The choice is yours.


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