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Danger Prevention Tactics (Master Set)

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self-defense video

This dvd contains lessons for mastering the first 4 phases in Shidoshi Miller's "8 Phases of Effective Self-Defense Strategy & Training". You will learn simple, quick, and effective methods used by law enforcement and government professionals, as well as other self-defense experts to literally allow you to defend yourself BEFORE the attacker ever appears in front of you!

And, when you order this special set today, you also receive 3 bonuses - including a self-defense weapon that is legal to carry and use in most areas; a training manual teaching you how to use this weapon to stop practically any attacker in his tracks; and a third "surprise" bonus worth at least $50!

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Danger Prevention Tactics:
Protecting Yourself Like a Pro! (DVD-Only)

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self-defense video
Not ready for the full Master Set yet? No problem.

This single video contains more information about how to avoid and escape from danger, than any 20 books or videos available today. The truth is that, most instructors focus only on fighting skills, when most situations can be escaped from without ever having to get physical.

And remember, self-protection goes far beyond defending against human attackers. This video will show you how to be a survivor and belongs in every serious person's self-defense library, regardless of how much you think you know! Even if you're a x-degree Black Belt or Special Forces Operative, get it for your loved ones who don't have the training that you do.

Lessons include: Escaping from planes, trains, and other mass transit emergency situations, escaping from a compromised building (like the 9-11 scenario), what to do in parking lots, garages, at ATMs and MORE!

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Takagi-Yoshin Ryu: Shoden no Maki Kata
Home Study Course (4 DVD Set)

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Takagi Yoshin Ryu jujitsu training
Part of WCI's "Living Seminar Series," this DVD captures a seminar where Shidoshi Miller presents the entire first level scroll of the Takagi-Yoshin Ryu, one of the 9 authentic, historical ryu-ha from the Bujinkan Dojo of Masaaki Hatsumi. You'll learn defenses from traditional, Japanese seated postures, as well as while standing - defenses against direct and surprise attack scenarios.

Perfect for the wrestler and ground-fighter looking for new techniques and strategies, the advanced practitioner seeking more of the secrets buried within the ancient scrolls, and the new student looking for a solid introduction to the foundational techniques contained within this powerful lineage.

Remember, this video was not shot in a studio, it was recorded on standard equipment during a live seminar. Listen in and watch as the Shidoshi shares secrets from real warriors and passed down to us for nearly five hundred years! All 14 kata and a ton of variations are presented.

Get yours Today! Includes Student Training Workbook (pdf), Certification Test and Certificate of Training

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