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Before You Go...

Maybe you don’t need or want everything I’m offering today.

Maybe there’s just one area you know you need work on, maybe you're just starting out and don't want to bite off more than you can chew...

...or maybe you don’t have or want to part with the full $47 today. And that’s fine.
But... what if I could make it easier for you to get just what you needed?

Would that help?

If so, here’s what I can do for you. But, this offer is only good today, while you’re on this page.

I’m willing to restructure the package in two different ways, if it would help you out -- AND you're serious about your training. The first is to simply offer you either the Kyu level training (5 Modules leading from white belt to first degree black belt), or the Dan level packets (Advanced Black Belt levels).


I can make everything available in ala carte-style, where you just get the workbook(s) you need and want right now.

If this works for you, simply scroll down and click on the package or workbook that works for you.


REMEMBER: You are ordering curriculum guides and/or workbooks... NOT the actual techniques. These are study guides. You are responsible for researching, finding, and learning the lessons pointed to.

Module Packages


Option 1:

         All 5 Module Workbooks leading to 1st degree Black Belt in Ninjutsu -- $27


Option 2:

         All 4 Black Belt level curriculum guides (2nd to 5th degree) -- $27


Option 3:

         Full Package / Split Payment Method -- $27 now and another $27 in 30 days



Ala Carte

NOTE: If you are ordering from this list, we will send an email with the link to your workbook or guide. The email will be sent after we confirm payment through PayPal.

Module 1 Workbook:

Basic level kamae (combat postures), basic striking methods, pressure points and joint crushing leveraging techniques, basic footwork and attack avoidance skills, basic breakfalls, and more) -- $10


Module 2 Workbook:

Long range defensive angling, joint locks and reversals, knifehand and ‘chisel fist’ strikes, parrying and limb damaging counter strikes/blocks, front kicks, intermediate ‘retreating’ footwork skills, 8 directional rolling, and more!) -- $10


Module 3 Workbook:

Close range attack interception, 4 directional throwing skills, 4 directional heel stamp kicks, pressure point striking, 6 directional leaping skills, intermediate, forward moving footwork skills, counter-attacking the attacker’s striking and kicking limbs, and more!) -- $10


Module 4 Workbook:

Last-second, tricky evasion and attack avoidance tactics, parrying strikes, hooking kicks, intermediate breakfalls and body dropping skills, combination striking, counter kicking techniques, intermediate joint locks and shoulder dislocations, and more!) -- $10


Module 5 Workbook:

Creative application of basics and preparation for 1st degree black belt, kicking combinations, single-leg defenses, sparring and creative response against a single attacker, ground-fighting basics, review of all previous skills and techniques with improvement, requirements for testing and graduating to shodan, first degree black belt in Ninpo-Taijutsu!)
-- $10



Advanced Phase 1 - Black Belt Level 2

(Shodan to Nidan advancement)
Being able to use nothing but your Ninpo-Taijutsu to win against a street attacker throwing anything he or she wants. Ability to string your basics together in a logical flow against a random serious of punches, grabs and kicks - using your attacker’s energy and flow against him.
Also includes:

  • Basic hanbo (short stick) and Rokushaku-bo (6’ staff)
  • Fundamentals of Defensive Combat Handgun
  • Gyokko-Ryu Joryaku no Maki (incl. Sanshin and Kihon Happo)
  • Koto Ryu Shoden no Maki
  • Throw counters and defenses
  • Basic ‘Throw Flow’
                                       And more! -- $10

Shodan to Nidan Guide


Advanced Phase 1 - Black Belt Level 3

(Nidan to Sandan advancement)

Able to use all Nidan skills with improvement, as well as: Understanding strategic positioning to control the attacker’s perception and”cause” him to throw the attack you need to execute the technique you want to do, advanced throw counters, basic multiple attacker defenses, strategies and tactics.
Also includes:

  • Basic Tanto (single-edge knife) and Katana (Samurai sword)
  • Intermediate Defensive Combat Handgun
  • Takagi Yoshin Shoden Kata
  • Kukishinden Ryu Fundamentals
  • Intermedate Throw counters and defenses
  • Intermediate “Trhow Flow”
  • Basic Mutliple Attacker defenses (2 on 1)
                                      And more! -- $10

Nidan to Sandan Guide


Advanced Phase 1 - Black Belt Level 4

(Sandan to Yondan advancement)

Able to use all dan level skills learned previously with improvement, as well as: Understanding strategic positioning ‘hide in the middle of the fight’ so he can’t get at you, using evective Ritsu-do (timing and rhythm) as a means of neutralizing the enemy’s attack and using his force against him.
Also includes:

  • Basic Kusari (short chains and cords) and Kyoketsu Shoge (Hooked dagger and weighted rope)
  • Basic Shotgun for Self-defense
  • Togakure Ryu Fundamentals
  • Shinden Fudo Ryu Fundamentals
  • Weapon vs. Weapon Creative response (sword vs, sword, sword vs, staff, knife vs. Cane, etc.)
  • Defending against grappling attacks when blinded
                      And more! -- $10

Sandan to Yondan Guide


Advanced Phase 1 - Black Belt Level 5

(Yondan to Godan advancement)

Able to use all previous skills with improvement, as well as: Developing your tactile sense of touch as a means of being more sensitive to his movements and intention, unarmed use of breakfalls and ground-covering skills against weapon attacks, advanced multiple attacker sparring, and preparation for taking the Godan, sword avoidance test in Japan.
Also includes:

  • Ninja Shuriken (Hand-held and thrown blades)
  • Togakure Ryu Fandamentals
  • Shinden Fudo Ryu Fundamentals
  • Muto Dori (Unarmed sword evasion)
  • Defenses against strikes and kicks while blinded
  • Advanced sparring against multiple attackers (3 or more on 1)
  • Sensitivity to unseen attacks and attacks from behind
                                      And more! -- $10
    Yondan to Godan Guide