how to punch with more power

Let me ask you a simple question...

"Do Your Strikes Have the Kind of "Bite" and Knock-down Power to Stop a Crazy,
Out-of-His-Mind Angry, and Brutal Attacker Who's Bigger, Heavier, and Stronger Than You... and who's used to getting hit a lot?"

Because that's EXACTLY what you better be able to do if you're ever forced to survive an attack by this guy!

Learn from a veteran police officer, undercover investigator, bodyguard and 30+ year teacher of Ninjutsu, the art of Japan's ancient Ninja Night Warriors...

The Time-Tested and Proven Secrets That Will Give You the Power and Ability to Execute Powerful, Bone-Breaking, Body-Slamming, Knockdown Strikes that Will Break an Attacker Down Quickly and Take Him Off His Feet!

Master-instructor Jeffrey M. Miller

Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI
WCI Founder, Master Instructor, Trainer &
Corporate Workplace Violence Consultant

Author of 7 books, over 500 articles on the topic of self-protection and survival, and contributor to two books for the medical industry:

"Workplace Violence in Mental and General Healthcare Settings", and...
"GIS in Hospital and Healthcare Emergency Management"

Thursday morning, 9:32am

Hello. And Welcome to the world of Warrior Concepts International.

My name is Jeffrey M. Miller, and I'm the founder and director of Warrior Concepts International and a fully-licensed master-teacher in the ancient art of personal self-defense and combat known today as Bujinkan Ninjutsu. And I'd like to talk about a serious problem that I see all around me... in self-defense programs and classes... in martial arts schools and seminars... and even on the street.

But before I talk about the problem, I'd like for you to think about your own self-defense training. Okay?

You see, I don't care how long you've been training, in what art, or with what teacher. Because what I'm about to share with you is so prent that I'm sure of what the answer is going to be. But... humor me.

Think about your martial arts or self-defense training, especially your strike training. But for now, not your kicks. Today we'll be focusing solely on your punches and other hand and arm strikes.

What I want you to think about is this...

What does your strike training look like?

Does it involve more than just punching in the air, or "soft" training with training partners who were supposed to act like real attackers?

If it does go beyond the "soft" aspects of training - if it does include target work, breaking practice, and "power" training... are you doing these things in a way that...

...produces maximum damage with minimal effort?

You see, there's a whole lot more to delivering powerful, damaging and debilitating strikes - strikes that will shut down a committed attacker's body and end the fight in your favor - than merely hauling off and "giving it all you've got!"

Does that mean that I'm saying that MMA fighter, boxers, and conventional practitioners of karate, Tae kwon Do, and other striking arts can't hit or punch correctly? No, of course not. I wouldn't want to be hit by one of their punches!


Here's the thing...

Even if you do punch like a freight train - can you do it without you opponent seeing the punch coming. Can you do it with absolutely no "tell" - no warning or signal - that you're punching, or even about to punch?

And, it goes even deeper than that.

Can you use your hand to strike in more ways than a basic clenched fist. And, even if you can make other fists, have you trained and, more importantly, tested each of those fists - each of those strikes - to make sure that it won't fail you when the time comes?

Do you know... in your heart-of-hearts, that your strikes could stop an enraged, 250 pound, MMA fighter who just stumbled out of a bar looking for a target for his anger? Can your strikes stop someone bigger, stronger and tougher than you - someone who's used to getting punched and beaten on on a regular basis - someone with an extremely high pain threshold, and...

Someone who doesn't care what "style" you've studied, what belt you have, or the name of your art's grandmaster!

Do you even want to know how?

At this point, I'll take the liberty of assuming that the answer is "yes," considering the fact that you're reading this letter. So, unless you're just bored out of your mind and just surfing the internet and clicking on whatever catches your eye at the moment, I'm going to assume that you're here for a reason. In fact, I'm going to assume that you already know that your strikes aren't what they could or should be.

You know that something's missing, but...

Perhaps you don't know what that "something" is.

And, you wouldn't be alone, either. I get hundreds of emails a week, from students all over the world who know they need help with their striking skills, and they're hoping that I have the answers they need.

That's not bragging either because, truth be known, those same people have probably shot off more than a few emails to other instructors, self-defense teachers, and martial arts masters... asking them the same questions.

Maybe you might say that you need more power in your punches. Or, maybe you might say something like, "...I don't know how to conceal my strikes so he doesn't know they're coming."

I don't want to go into all the reasons that you might feel like your punches are lacking something, but I know the feeling. Because, the skills that I have today - the lessons that I teach to my students, both in my dojo and via the internet around the world - is the result of a journey that began just shy of 40 years ago.

It's a journey that has taken me across 3 continents, to seek out and train with experts and master instructors in six countries, counting my own here in the United States.

So, the answers that I give to those who come to me for training - the answers and lessons that I can give you - are based, not on adhering to this or that martial arts "style," or self-defense system... but on years of study and research, combined with actual street and combat testing and proving as a police officer, bodyguard, and soldier.

My students get the advantage of not only my decades of study, learning, and street testing, but also my personal quest to quantify and codify the lessons in a way that allows them to learn and own these lessons, secrets, and skills MUCH faster than it took for me to learn. You can literally learn in weeks or months what it took me years to get down.

Do you want this?

Do you want to know that your punches and other striking techniques have the ability to stop that 250 pound monster meat-head who eats everyday, "normal" punches for breakfast?

Do you want to learn to deliver effective strikes and punches that...

  • DO NOT telegraph your intent to punch?

  • DO NOT let him see the punch coming when you do throw it?

  • DO NOT wear you out from all the energy need to throw typical punches?

  • DO NOT have you trading punches - hoping you can take more than he can?

If so, you can... and I can teach you how.


Until now, only my close, personal students, or those who came in for my live seminars were able to get these lessons. And, even then, the lessons were spread out over time where it could still take years to get all the pieces to the puzzle for them to know all that I know about effective, efficient, powerful striking.

Like I said... until now.

Introducing my all new...

"Power Striking"

Online Ninjutsu Self-Defense Training Course & Long Distance Coaching Program


Master the Secret Art and Skill of Atemi-jutsu ("The Art of Impacting the Body") Passed Down for Over 1,000 Years by ancient Japanese Samurai & Ninja Warriors - Strikes That Will Drop Even the Biggest, Strongest, and Most Committed Attackers...


...using these Time-Tested and Proven Secrets Known by
Only a Few Master Teachers in the World!

Course Begins
Immediately After You Enroll!

Are you tired of trying to figure out the secrets to powerful, effective striking on your own? Have you tried to teach yourself but feel lost, directionless, and without the guidance to know what to do, and how?

Maybe you've developed some level of skill but it's not what you know it can be. And maybe you've tried what you know in class, in a sparring match, or even on the street... and didn't do as well as you know you could have.

And... Maybe you even had your ass handed to you by someone who wasn't effected by the punches you were throwing!

Well, here's your chance to learn the secrets that ancient warriors have been passing down for centuries - fighters who had to have their proverbial shit together, or they were dead!

Do you get that? Do you understand the significance of that statement?

It means that in ancient Japan, China, Korea, and elsewhere... when fights weren't in a ring or octagon with a referee and rules to make things "fair," you either had the knowledge and skill to survive - you either had strikes powerful and effective enough to drop an opponent quickly and permanently - or, you were dead. There were no do-overs - no re-matches - no stopping a fight because someone cheated or broke a rule.

There was only cold, hard, truth. And...

That's what I'm offering you.

Nothing more... Nothing less.

I'm giving you the chance to learn the Art and Secrets of "Striking With Power" with me in this special 10-week online training program.


Contrary to what you'll find in the countless movies, books, magazine articles, training videos, and from so-called experts out there in the world - each with his or her own "story" about what it means and takes to strike with power and effectiveness - there are some simple, easy-to-learn principles, concepts, and skills which make up different aspects of an effective strike that has both bone-jarring impact, and knock-down force.

Enroll Now!


Join me and other serious students as I open up the secrets of one of the most important skills in your self-defense arsenal, and teach you over 15 aspects of power striking that will literally take your ability to a level that few people ever reach...

...regardless of whether you are already training under a teacher, or trying to master this important skill on your own.


Make No Mistake. You cannot find the information in this course, presented this way... Anywhere Else!


This mastery course includes more than Ten (10) video-based lessons - hours of intense instruction and exploration into the world of effective strike training. It also includes additional training materials, exercises, drills, and lessons

The first session is designed to provide you with an overview of many of the areas of study that we'll be exploring over the course of the program. It uncovers little known or considered aspects about the concept of striking, and in it I will share secrets with you that will forever change the way you look at, train in, and approach your strike training - regardless of whether you are a beginner or have been training for years.

In this class, you'll learn why most fighters, martial artists, and self-defense students end up "trading punches" in an altercation, rather than dominating the situation and ending it quickly. You will also be introduced to the "upside-down" model that you'll be using from here on out to deliver massively effective strikes.

Then, over the course of 9 more powerfully informative modules, you will be given a detailed look at other aspects of power striking - we'll look at an average of two principles/concepts per week - and what it takes to master each one. In fact, I'll teach you not only how to strike more effortlessly, but I'll also be giving you some very powerful exercises, drills, and lessons for conditioning and making sure that your body and its parts are built for delivering powerful, slamming strikes... by default... without you having to even try!

Here's a brief look at what you'll be learning
in each Module:

Module 1 - Introduction & Preparation

The primary focus of this module is to lay a proper foundation for the training that you will be doing over the course of this program. We will take a look at the two (2) primary aspects of striking power - impact damage and follow-through, knockdown force. You will be introduced to the concept of using the large muscles of the legs and seat to generate movement and power, rather than punching with the torso, shoulders and arms alone.

A large part of this week's training will be directed towards conditioning and flexibility, so you'll be ready for the rest of the course.

Module 2 - Proper alignment for Striking Power

Your training in this module will have you being mindfully observant of the principle of aligning each "piece" of the striking action, with all of the other "parts." This means that you'll be learning proper alignment of your own body parts relative to each other, as-well-as aligning yourself, and your striking limb with your attacker's body and it's targets

Module 3 - Proper Footwork for Power

The lessons during this phase of your training will focus on proper walking and use of the feet and legs to initiate, sustain, and generate both movement and power. In addition to strengthening the muscles of the legs, flexibility in the knees, hips, and ankles will be needed to extend your range of motion and effectiveness. You will learn to use some of your body's largest muscles, as-well-as the joints of the legs, in order to actually do less "work", while producing more power and momentum behind your strikes!

Module 4 - The Power-Striking Formula

This module highlights the coordinated movement used to produce heavy, slamming, full-body power. We will explore the coordination of the footwork, spine/torso, and extension of the arms with each other, and in a way that maximizes the design and make-up of the human body. Focus will be placed on both isolating each part of the body, and the work needed to strike with that part alone, and working with the parts in coordinated unison to create the same or more power, with less and less effort.

Module 5 - Focusing Your Power

In addition to expanding our view of the basic clenched-fist, your training during this week will include the introduction of several new fists - each designed to focus the power of the body weight in motion, down to a small point with which you will be making contact with his body. We will also add to our alignment lesson from module 1 by exploring the bone structure of the arm and the correct timing of the pieces during the striking action, as well as making sure that we are not signalling our intention to strike to our opponent, giving him the opportunity to evade or take advantage of our "tell."

Module 6 - Lateral Striking

Up to this point in your training, the focus has been on direct, piercing, straight-line striking actions. This module expands the realm of striking by looking at lateral, "hooking," or circular striking. However, just as with the straight-line strikes, you will find that things are not always as they appear to be! In this module, you will learn to use the side-edge of the hands, as-well-as the elbows for striking effectively.

Module 7 - Varying Fists and San-Uchi Gata

This unit of training will focus on the principle of what I call, "Fist Confidence"; making sure that the fist will not fold or crumple during impact with the target. We will also take a quantum leap forward as we explore the Ninja's concept of San-Uchi, or "Triple Striking." You will be introduced to three levels of training with this concept, which will take your power striking ability to levels beyond what most fighters could ever conceive of when thinking about conventional punch training.

Module 8 - The "Invisible" Aspects of Power Striking

Your focus during this module will go deep into 3 very powerful principles. Each principles gives your strikes even more "bite", knockdown power, and effectiveness, while simultaneously reducing your overall energy expenditure. What are these secret, magical, elements which lend even more energy and effect to your strikes? They are:

* Breath Control

* Mindset and Intention, and...

* Relaxation and Contraction of Muscle Systems

Module 9 - Training for Practical Application and Street Readiness

The truth is that the nature of violence is that it is "random," in that you never know when, where, how, or in what form the violence will take. Therefor, this module is dedicated to the concept of variation, not just in how we might deliver a strike, but also from the many positions that we might find ourselves in when the strike is required! So, in this unit, you will be introduced to several "unconventional" striking positions, as well as making sure that you are still using all of the principles and concepts from your previous lessons.

Module 10 - Review and Additional Lessons from Ancient Warriors

While this module appears to be the end of the training, in reality it is only the end of your introduction to the principles and concepts of "Power Striking." Because this module will also serve as the "stepping-off" point for a whole new realm of training for you. And... in addition to serving as a course review of all of the principles and concepts learned over the previous weeks and months, you will also be introduced to some very powerful bonus lessons regarding power striking - lessons passed down from ancient warrior masters over the course of a thousand years!

These unique insights into the realm of warrior mastery come from ancient scrolls, commentaries, and actual quotes from teachers and grandmasters that I have had the honor to train with personally - all of which have served to give me the kind of striking power that works - and now they can serve you just as well!

This Unique Course Is Scheduled To Begin...

Immediately Via Your Own Online Training & Download Page

Some of the best things about this online training program include:

  • This program is completely self-paced. You can train and study around your own schedule and lifestyle!

  • You can take as much time on each subject as you need. Take your time or move quickly - your choice.

  • Each lesson is delivered at regular intervals. So, if you're ready for the next lesson, great - if not, it's okay. Get to it when YOU'RE ready!


    Here's How It Works...

    Each of your Modules will consist of 1 or more video-based lessons which focuses on one or more critical aspects of power striking; a weekly online group coaching tele-class; an mp3 audio recording of that week's class lesson; and class materials supporting that week's lesson, that will be sent to you via email with each lesson.

    All you have to do is download your class materials, access your training videos and start training! Then, just plan to be on the weekly Q & A group coaching online tele-class to get even more in-depth lessons on that week's topic.

    Don't Worry... If you need to miss a class for whatever reason, they're all recorded. So, you won't miss out on any of the training lessons!

    Your program consists of 3 Parts:

    A Teaching Core:

    Where I teach on the details and subjects included in the Ninja no Hachimon. This is augmented by teaching materials such as video clips, training workbooks, etc.

    A Coaching Core:

    Where you will have the chance to ask any questions that you might have about, not only the subjects in the teaching core, but also in your own personal training, and thereby tailor the program to your own training and development needs. And...

    A Homework/Accountability Core:

    You will receive weekly assignments that I will hold you accountable to and for completing. Assignments are related to the previous session and are sent to you via email along with your teaching videos and coaching core audio mp3s.


    So, enrolling in this course means that you get essentially 2 or 3 programs for the price of one!

    You get over 10 training videos where I will teach you the core lessons within each module. In some of these videos, I will present your lessons in solo fashion, where I break things down for you in easy, step-by-step instructions. In others, you will see me interacting with students in actual classes where other facets of the lessons are taught using technique scenarios (kata or waza), training drills, and more.

    You will also get to sit it on live group coaching calls each week and have your questions answered about the things that you are working on or having trouble with. You will also get to here my answers to questions that others are asking that you can use to increase the value of your own training.

    You also get all of the mp3 recordings of the live coaching calls with me. These, along with the training videos, are resources that you'll be able to refer back to again and again as you continue to progress towards real mastery with your striking power in the weeks and months to come. AND...

    In addition to the videos and coaching class mp3s, you will also get course outlines, worksheets, additional training videos, and extra bonuses to make sure that you have everything you need to succeed in this course, and in your own training! (* I may need to create additional videos to demonstrate something more clearly, or to convey an aspect that we discuss in a coaching call, to convey the idea more clearly. You get all of these at no extra charge. They're all included - regardless of how many I need to create!)


    This Is YOUR Chance...

    During this powerful course, you will literally take your training to the next level!

    • You will learn more in these 10 weeks, than most students have learned in YEARS of training!

    • Not only will you learn how to strike with more power and effectiveness, you'll know that you will be able to put these powerful lessons to work in an actual defense situation - and get results!


      Remember, you will not only be getting all the lessons and course materials, but you will have unlimited email access to me, so that you can ask any questions you may have about the things that are holding you back in this training!

      During this special course, you will be receiving, not only study materials and resources that, up to now, have been reserved only for my in-house students - you will be receiving brand new materials and lessons that have been designed and created especially for THIS course!

      And, considering that my normal fee for training with me personally in special training sessions like this, is $150 an hour - the cost of this online coaching program is ridiculously low!

      Let's review...

      When you enroll in this special, Closed-Door, training program, and become a member of my "Inner Circle" of serious students, you get:

      • Over 10 training videos demonstrating the core lessons (value $970)

      • 10 weekly live group coaching tele-classes (value $1,500)

      • 10 1 1/2 to 2 hour mp3 recordings of our live coaching classes (value $470)

      • Course materials, worsheets, etc. for each Module (value $270)

      • 6 months of unlimited, personalized email coaching from a licensed Shidoshi - Master Teacher (value $1,500)

      • The opportunity to get answers to your most pressing questions regarding your own training (value "priceless!")

      • Bonus training videos and resources (value $297)

      • Direct, live feedback from a real teacher. No more trying to figure it out on your own!

        That's a total value of over $5,007!

        You can see how I'd be completely reasonable in charging between $997 and $1,997 for this powerful program. And, I plan to do just that very soon.

        But, as a limited-time, introductory offer to this powerful course - one that I'm limiting to the first  20   17   12  9 students who grab this chance have powerful, bone-smashing, knockdown strikes...

        The cost of this life-changing, master's level, training course, including all study materials, video-based lessons, live group coaching tele-classes, and all of the mp3 recordings is just $497.

        But, I really want you to have this training, if you're serious about your training and making your strikes and punching skills as effective and powerful as possible. If not, that's fine. I wish you well in your training, and every bit of luck you'll need should you encounter that attacker who has all the advantages on his side and you need to be able to hit him in a way that can shut his body down quickly... and in a way that he can't see coming!

        If you are serious, then I've decided to make this available for today and tomorrow only - for the fast action-takers - for an additional $200 off the regular price!

        That means that you can get everything in this course, for a one-time, single payment of just...


        If you've ever trained in Japan, you know that 10 classes in this art would cost you about $500 with today's dollar to yen exchange rate - and there are no "course materials," or recordings (video or otherwise) of the class that you will able to download and keep to remind you of what you learned! These recordings alone are worth FIVE TIMES the price of this course!

        To grab one of the limited spots remaining in this program, and take advantage of this extremely low cost before it goes up to the full price I'll be charging very shortly...

        ...simply click on the PayPal button below. Once payment is complete, you will be taken to a confirmation page where you will be able to complete your registration and list up to three of your most important questions about striking and strike training.

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        That's it. Plain and simple.

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        I reserve the right to pull this option at any time. In fact, as soon as the program is under way, I plan to offer the individual modules as monthly lessons, or as an ala carte kind of thing. The price of each module at that point will be somewhere between $29.95 and $39.95 each.

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