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Mastering the Ninja's Half-Staff 'Cane' Weapon

Hanbojutsu training course

This brand new intensive online ninjutsu training program from Bujinkan master-teacher, Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller, will teach you the critical elements for mastering the hanbo - the ninja warrior's 'half-staff' combat cane defensive tool...

...and give you the skills necessary for using this powerful weapon to protect yourself and others in a real-world street attack situation!

Is This Program Right For You?

Are you looking for a clear, concise, step-by-step program for learning the combat, self-defense, and personal safety skills that have been passed down by the Ninja warriors of ancient Japan?

Have you tried to make sense of all of the books, dvd programs, articles, and YouTube video clips, but just end up with little more than a bunch of information and no real guidance?

Have you been struggling to learn this art but just feel like you're spinning your wheels and not getting very far - very fast?

I mean, at the end of the day, do you ever get angry at yourself because you haven't mastered as much of this art as you should have by now?

If any of that describes you, or if you're a martial arts or self-defense student, police officer, or member of the military looking to take your training to the next level by adding stick and/or cane weapon skills to your arsenal of defensive combat techniques, then this new online ninjutsu training program will teach you what you need to know - and more.

And, that's not hype... it's a fact.


Because, as you may know, Shidoshi Miller is a former federal police officer and undercover investigator. He has worked with police and military units in several areas of the world, including the KNP (Korean National Police) and the German Polizai. Shidoshi Miller is not only a trained and licensed master-teacher in the art of Ninjutsu under Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi, but he has personally used - and proven - these techniques against hostile attackers and violent criminals again and again... and in the only place where it counts...

On The Streets In The 21st Century!


While you can learn many of these techniques from other instructors...

You CANNOT learn them the way Shidoshi Miller teaches you - because he teaches from the perspective of KNOWLEDGE, SKILL... and actual, real-world EXPERIENCE!

And that's something that very few instructors can give you.

Now... if you're only interested in "looking" like you know what you're doing - if you only want to get a certificate or a colored belt around your waist that you can show off to people who don't know any better... then you can learn from anyone. But...

If you really want to learn these life-saving skills, and the knowledge for using them in real combat - against a violent attacker, mugger, or potential murderer... then you'll rest easier and feel more confident and powerful, knowing that you have the Shidoshi's 30 plus years of experience behind you.

Introducing Shidoshi Miller's Brand New
10-week Hanbojutsu
Online Ninjutsu Training
and Distance Learning Program

Each week for 10 weeks, you get a set of video lessons that focus on specific, core aspects of using the Ninja's hanbo ("half-staff") combat weapon for effective self-protection on the streets of the 21st century.

And, you will not only get video-based training in the skills and techniques... you will also learn how and why the technology was developed in the first place. That means that you will be learning more than step-by-step techniques, skills and the "what" and "how" of doing the "moves." You will be learning how to think and apply the techniques like the ancient masters who developed and proved them on the battlefields, castles, and combat situations centuries ago!

You will learn both the "traditional" and modern applications of each technique in this powerful course.

This Long Distance Home Study Program in Authentic Japanese Ninpo Hanbojutsu includes the following training areas:

  • Effective Combat Postures to give yourself a proven position of safety from which to both avoid your opponent's attacks, and to execute your own

  • 9-Directional Striking Actions from both 1-hand & 2-handed application and delivery methods

  • How to Properly Grip and hold on to the weapon for maximum leverage, power, and control

  • Effective Defense Counters against armed and unarmed attacks that are simple but very powerful

And that's just for starters!
During the weeks that follow, you're also going to learn...

  • Historical and Modern Insights for getting the most effect out of this seemingly simple but very powerful martial arts and self-defense weapon

  • Body-Grab Defenses for defending against restraining, choking, and clothing-grab attacks

  • Stick-Grabbing Defensive Tactics designed to either escape from or use your opponent's own attempt to grab or take your hanbo from you

  • Knife-Attack Defenses for using the hanbo "half-staff" weapon to effectively neutralize and break apart any attacker who tries to come at you with an edged-weapon, and...

  • Actual Hanbojutsu Combat Techniques from the ancient scrolls themselves!

What Would Training Like This Be Worth To You?

What would training like this do for your level of skill and ability?

Can you see yourself using these powerful skills and techniques to protect yourself and others?

Who would be more safe and secure if you knew how to apply this ancient weapon in today's often dangerous world?

Would it be worth it to have not only a licensed Bujinkan Ninjutsu master-teacher, but a former police officer, private investigator and bodyguard - someone who has effectively used these skills in actual, life-threatening self-defense situations - show you exactly how to master the critical elements of this powerful self-defense combat tool?

If so... what if, as a charter member in this brand new online ninjutsu training program from Shidoshi Miller, you also received BONUS training programs related to the modern application of hanbojutsu, that will actually become stand-alone training programs for the Shidoshi's non-martial arts self-defense students and law enforcement and security training clients?

BONUS Training for Charter Students of this New
Online Ninjutsu Training Program!

If you're one of the first students to enroll in this 10-week hanbojutsu - online ninjutsu training program - BEFORE the official start date... will also receive the following bonus training modules as the Shidoshi's gifts to you for your trust and loyalty:


Walking Cane Variations for Effective Street Self-Defense
Using the cane for self-defense
Your course will include bonus lessons at each stage which, individually will be re-assembled into a stand-alone self-defense weapons course for students interested in using these principles, concepts, techniques and skills with the common, Western-style walking cane. Of course, these variations will highlight the unique design, dimensions and "added features" of the cane. This program alone will be sold for at least $29.95 when it is released.


Tonfa & PR-24 Police Baton Defensive Tactics Variations
Pr 24 Police Baton
This course will feature the use of the traditional karate weapon known as the tonfa, and known by police and security officers as the PR-24. You will learn to take advantage of the unique design and dimensions of this baton weapon variation for applying not only many of the skills and techniques learned in the core program, but also many others uniquely suited to the tonfa/PR-24. So, regardless of whether or not you are a police officer or security professional - a karate student who would like to expand on your knowledge and skill with the tonfa, or a practitioner of Ninjutsu who wants to make sure that you have covered every aspect of short stick defensive combat, this program will give you that and more!
This program will sell for at least $29.95 when released to the general public!
defensive tactics with the police flashlight


Police Flashlight & "Billy Club" Baton Variations

This special training with the Ninja's hanbojutsu combat principles will focus on the long police baton metal flashlight and the shorter police baton, often referred to as the "Night Stick" or "Billy Club." You will learn to apply defensive strikes, joint locks and attack-counters with these everyday pieces of equipment in the LEOs arsenal. defensive tactics with the police flashlightSo... if you're a law enforcer or security specialist, or even if you're an average citizen looking to own the knowledge to apply everyday objects to defend yourself and others, then this bonus program will give you the added skills to be able to control even more situations. This program will sell for at least $29.95 (but probably closer to it's real value of $47) when it is ready for release to the public.


Extra Bonus #1 - Special Student Training Workbook

As a charter student enrolled into this ninjutsu weapons program, Shidoshi Miller will also be including a student training workbook just as he does with all of his programs. This workbook is designed to provide some additional background information on the hanbo, as well as space for you to organize the notes that you will be taking as you go through your weekly lessons. The book, just as the video lessons contained in this course, will be provided as a downloadable file in Adobe pdf format. All you have to do is download the file to your computer, print it out, and insert it into your training binder. (a $35 value)

Extra Bonus #2 - Unlimited Email Coaching Support

Sometimes it can be difficult learning from home - especially when you live so far away from a qualified teacher. In fact, one of the biggest downfalls to online training and video-based home study courses is the lack of feedback and access to the teacher if you run into any problems. Except with this program. When you register now for this online ninjutsu training program, you will receive a full 4 months of unlimited email coaching from Shidoshi Miller. This is a $200 value in an of itself. And, it includes a full one and a half months of additional coaching after your 10-week program has concluded! That way, if you're seriously working through the program... you'll still have access to Shidoshi Miller for any challenges or questions that may come up after the program is over.

Extra Bonus #3 - Discount Coupon for this year's Daikomyo-sai New Year's Training Intensive!

One of the training topics for this year's annual New Year's Intensive (Jan. 7 & 8th, 2017) is... you guessed it... the hanbo! And, to make it even easier for you to be a part of all the great training, and to get real-time feedback from both Shidoshi Miller as-well-as his guest instructors... you will receive a discount coupon for $50 off the cost of this year's camp (to be applied to the current tuition price when you register).

These bonuses alone have a value of $374.85. And that's if the bonus programs are priced at the minimum price of $29.95 each.

So... What is the Core Hanbojutsu Program Worth?

Let's just keep this simple and say that each video module could be sold separately (that's my goal when putting these trainings together) for the average price of most training dvds available today. So, the retail price of each one would be set at $29.95 each.

That would mean that this program would have a retail value of $299.50 ($29.95 x 10). Then we have the bonus training modules and the student training workbook valued at an additional $374.85.

That's a total retail price of $674.35 if you had to buy everything separately to own everything that Shidoshi Miller is including in this intensive training program. But, you're not going to have to pay that. Not if you get in on this program before it goes live next week. You're not going to pay $597, $500 ... not even $400 for this all inclusive program plus bonuses.

Shidoshi Miller will be sending out the first module in this training program on Wednesday, May 23rd. And, because you are a part of the charter students who will, based on your questions and follow-up, help to make this program what it will be when it's finished... the Shidoshi wanted to make sure that this program was as affordable as possible for you (and still fair to him for all of the hours of work that he will be putting into it!), that...

...he is giving you 71% off!

That means that if you enroll right now, you can get all of the lessons in the core hanbojutsu program, plus all of the bonus training modules, the student workbook, AND all of the Added Bonuses... for a single payment of just...



...take care of your tuition in 4 easy payments of just $65 each. (Pay $65 now, and then again in 30 day increments for the remaining 3 payments).

That's it. No hype. No taking 10 extra paragraphs to convince you of the value of this program. No BS about how you can't live without this training. Nothing!

Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller's Hanbo Training Course

It speaks for itself...

...and so does Shidoshi Miller's years of
training, knowledge, skill and experience.

If you can want to really be able to unleash the power of this simple looking weapon, you can see the value of this unique online ninjutsu training program, and you want to save over $477 off the retail value of this powerful 10-week training program focusing on the Ninja's Hanbo 'half-staff' cane weapon, then...

Register Now!

Simply click on the PayPal link that best fits your budget and lock in your place in the program now!

Single Payment Option


I can't swing the full tuition now Shidoshi...

4 Easy Installments of $65 each
(Pay $65 now and then each addt'l installment due
in 30-day increments until paid in full)