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How to teach martial arts

Attention: Martial Arts & Self-Defense Instructors

(& students who want to be instructors)

Who Are Passionate About Teaching, Getting & Keeping More Students for the Long-Term, and Making a Lasting Impact In the Lives of Your Students...

Revealed! 30 Years’ Worth of Study, Research & Teaching Experience, Distilled Into a Powerful Program You Can Use to build a solid dojo or training group filled with loyal, eager, dedicated students who want what only you have to offer!

Regardless of whether you've been teaching self-defense, karate, ninjutsu, or any of the countless other martial arts systems for years, you're a complete newbie, or you have set a goal of becoming a martial arts instructor in the future...

This Program Will Give You The Tools to...

Go from good to Great!

Martial Arts Instructor Training

Let me ask you a question, okay.

What's the difference between a martial artist who has decided to teach, and a really great teacher of the martial arts?

Do you know? Would you like to?

Are you a martial arts instructor or someone who has set that as your goal?

Do you want to share what you've learned with others?

Would you like to help others to empower themselves with the same lessons that have helped you become a better, stronger, more disciplined human being, and able to protect yourself from the dangers of the world?

If so, then...

You must understand
TWO very important things

Do you know what they are?

If you said something like "having a black belt" and/or "being good at your art," you'd be wrong.

Sorry. But, while these two things are certainly something that new students might look for, they are not the most important things that makes someone a great martial arts instructor.

And, as the saying goes...

No one cares how much you know...
...until they know how much you care!"

In the world of the martial arts, there is a belief that you can't find anywhere else - in any other field - when it comes to teaching or training others in a particular topic or set of skills.

The assumption is that, having a black belt automatically qualifies you to teach.

And, this belief...

Is absolutely... WRONG!

Black Belt Instructor Training Program

Having a black belt only means that you've LEARNED the skills necessary to get there...

It has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you can motivate, inspire students, or communicate and present the lessons and skills you know effectively, so that someone with no knowledge or skill whatsoever can do the same thing!


Shidoshi Jeffrey M. MillerHi, I'm Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller. I don't know whether or not you know me, or how you found this web page, but I bet you're asking yourself...

"How do I know these things, and

why should you even bother to listen to me?"

And, that's a really great question. And, the answer is really simple...

It's because I have been involved in martial arts and self-defense training for well over two-thirds of my life. In fact, if we do the math, it's been almost 35 years.

But that's not it. Because that would make me no different than a lot of other martial arts teachers out there.

No. It's because almost 30 years of that has been as a student AND a teacher (a teacher should NEVER stop learning - EVER!). And, I answered "yes," to all of the questions that I asked you at the beginning of this letter.

And, trust me...

If there is a mistake that you can make as martial arts or self-defense instructor...

I've made it!

In fact, I bet that I've driven away more students through poor teaching and leadership skills, than most martial arts instructors have ever had in their dojo or training groups!

So, what are the MOST important skills that you MUST have to be a successful martial arts instructor?

They are the abilities that allow you to:

  • Get Students and...

  • Keep Those Students long-term!

Everything that you need to learn -- all of the skills, traits, and characteristics of a great martial arts instructor, do one or both of these things.

And, while many instructors have no problem in "getting" or attracting new students, they have a really difficult time "KEEPING" them.

Most simply write this off by saying things like:

  • "No one is interested"

  • "It's because of the economy", or...

  • "The students you get just can't commit or are lazy, undisciplined, etc."

Sound familiar?

But, the truth is that...

Every class you teach, leads a student one step closer to Black Belt, or...

One Step Closer to the Door!

And, no matter how much you want to help people with the power and life-changing lessons of the martial arts...

No matter how much you know or how good you are...

You CANNOT help someone if they're not in your classes!

I had to learn this the hard way. After loosing dozens, maybe even hundreds of students in the process - students who could have gone on to become black belt instructors in their own right.

And, after years of trial and error - after getting over my own ego about what was right and wrong when it came to teaching...

...after realizing that just because my teacher, and his teacher, and his teacher before that, did it a certain way...

That it wasn't necessarily right!


I decided to find out what really great teachers were doing. Not just in the martial arts world, but in every area of life.

And, after a lot of hard work, research, more trial and error, and changes to myself and the way I communicated and related to and with others, I figured it out.

And, I'd like to share those lessons with you. But, only if you're serious about becoming a great martial arts teacher.

Not a "good" instructor.

Not a skilled martial artist who wants to teach. But...

A great teacher.

Someone who naturally attracts students and who those students WANT to come back to class to learn from...

...time and time again

If that describes you, then I want to invite you to join me for my brand new...

Accelerated Martial Arts Instructor Training
& Certification Program

In this special 16-week training and coaching program, you will be given the key skills, methods, and tools that I use every day in my classes, seminars and online coaching programs to attract and keep my own students - methods and systems that will completely change, not only the way you teach, but also significantly improve the results that you're getting and the way your students respond to you.

How does that sound?

But, let me assure you that this is NOT just a program that I put together, or like the majority of the so-called "Instructor Training Programs" offered both on and offline.

This is the exact same program, revised and updated, that I require every single one of my instructor candidates to go through... BEFORE they're ever allowed near a student in class!

During this Intensive, 16-plus Module Program, that contains over 30 hours of experience-backed instruction, I will teach you:

  • special communication skill sets and formula based on proven NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) that, will help your students overcome their fears and self-doubts, lower resistance to new ideas, and actually speed up their learning so that they progress faster

  • The biggest mistakes that most martial arts instructors (self-defense teachers too!) make, that drives students away from them, in as little a single class

  • Ideas for structuring your classes for better flow, increased student attention, and more productivity

  • How to avoid the mistakes that over 90% of instructors in the world make... that actually prevents prospective students from ever contacting you about your classes!

  • How to set up your curriculum and lesson plans to help students progress, never feel left-behind, or worse yet... letting a student "fall through the cracks"

  • What to say and do to best communicate with the different "learner-types" so that you will always speak to each student's "listen" (the way he or she processes their world)

  • And much, Much, MORE!

In fact... I will give you everything you need to be the best martial arts teacher that you can be... regardless of what style or system you teach!

Like I said...

These are the exact same lessons and skills that I have required all of my
in-house instructor candidates to learn BEFORE they are allowed anywhere near a class as a teacher in my dojo!

This is Your Chance to Join My 'Inner Circle' of Professional Martial Arts Educators--

Master Instructor Jeffrey Miller

Make No Mistake. You cannot find the information in this course, presented this way... Anywhere Else!

This mastery level course includes 16 live online webinar (web-based seminar) classes - that's over 30 hours on the tools, systems, methods and psychology that will make you a better communicator, mentor, and guide for your students.

The first session is designed to provide you with an overview of the

AITP (Accelerated Instructor Training Program).

In this one class alone, I will share methods and insights with you that will forever change the way you look at, and approach the art of teaching.

Then, over the course of 15 more powerfully informative weeks, you will be given a detailed look at each new skill, and what it takes to master each one.

Over the course of your training, you will learn:

  • The "Instructor's Creed"
  • How to effectively praise a student without patronizing or selling out your standards
  • A powerful formula for offering criticism - that your students will actually want!
  • The effectiveness of mat and office chats for praise, counseling, and/or disciplinary action
  • How to be a parent's "Ace-in-the-Hole" that will create massive improvement in youth students' behavior outside of class
  • and... you'll learn new presentation skills scientifically designed to help you teach the most challenging techniques to any student - so they learn it twice as fast as you did!

Then, you'll go on to...

  • Learn what to say on the phone or in person to easily get new prospects to try out your classes
  • How to stop hoping and begging people to join and have them beg you to accept them
  • The exact methods I use to get students to pre-qualify (or disqualify) themselves for training
  • Methods for getting students to refer their friends and family members to your classes
  • How to increase the perceived value of your program, immediately!
  • and... you'll learn how to "fire" students who are a detriment to your school or club!

And... as if that isn't also get

  • Optional video reviews of your teaching methods and feedback for improvement
  • Lesson packets for each module
  • Class handouts and templates to create your own forms, etc.
  • Copies of my actual class schedules, lesson plans, and curriculum booklets to borrow ideas from
    (these are copyright protected so you cannot just make copies and call them your own)
  • Scripts for use on the phone and in-person that use solid NLP principles to control the conversation and help the prospect or student make an educated decision
  • and more!

These tools will make you THE go-to instructor in your area... and everyone else will be compared to the standard set by you and how you teach!

You'll learn not only scientific facts about how to communicate and educate your students more effectively, but I'll show you how to get to the core reason about why each and every student is in your program, and how to make sure they get exactly what they need from it.

This Unique Course Is Scheduled To Begin...


Some of the best things about this online instructor training program include:

  • You do not need to be actively teaching to begin the training
  • You can take as much time on each subject as you need. Take your time or move quickly - your choice.
  • Each lesson is delivered a week apart so you have time to digest the information and, if you have a class going, put the lessons to use right away!
  • The program includes not only a teaching core, but also...
    • a homework/accountability core - you'll be responsible for about an hour of homework each week. And a...
    • coaching core. These will be a part of each online class session where you can ask me any questions that you have about previous lessons, challenges you're facing as an instructor, or anything related to getting, training, and keeping students!

    • and, as a special bonus, you also get unlimited email access to me to help you with any of these lessons for not just the length of this program - but for a full 6 months afterwards!

Here's How It Works...

Each of your classes will consist of a one-and-a-half to two-hour pre-recorded webinar/teleseminar class, and includes class materials that will be sent to you via email with each lesson. All you have to do is download your class materials and start training!

The program consists of 3 parts:

  • A Teaching Module: Where I teach on the details and subjects included in the course curriculum. This may be augmented by teaching materials such as video and/or audio clips, training workbooks, etc.

  • A Coaching Module: Where you will have the chance to ask any questions that you might have about, not only the subjects in the teaching core, but also in your own personal training, and thereby tailor the program to your own training and development needs. And...

  • A Homework/Accountability Module: You will receive weekly assignments that I will hold you accountable to and for completing. Assignments are related to the previous session and are sent to you via email along with your teaching core audio. There are also quizzes and a certification test for course completion.

    So, enrolling in this course means that you get essentially 2 programs for the price of one!

    You get the recordings of over 15 live classes on all of the skills, subjects, methods and techniques, that are yours to keep for future reference and continuation of your learning. So, even if you don't get everything during the first time through the training, you can always go back and review the classes and topics that needed more time, study and/or practice.

    AND remember...

    In addition to the class mp3s, you will be receiving course outlines, worksheets, videos, and extra bonuses to make sure that you have everything you need to succeed in this course, and on the floor in your own classes!

    This Is YOUR Chance...

    During this powerful course, you will literally take your level of expertise as a martial arts educator to the next level!

    • You will learn more in these 16 weeks, than many teachers and instructors - regardless of field - have learned in YEARS of study and training!
    • Not only will you learn what it means to be a real "teacher" in every sense of the word, but you will be able to put these powerful lessons to work in many other areas of your own life - from the very first class!

    • Remember, you will not only be learning these lessons as I teach them, but you will have email access to me, so that you can ask any questions you may have about the things that are holding you back in this training!
    • During this special course, you will be receiving, not only study materials and resources that, up to now, have been reserved only for my in-house students - you will be receiving brand new materials and lessons that have been designed and created especially for THIS course!
    • And, considering that my normal fee for training with me personally in special training sessions like this, is $150 an hour - the cost of this online coaching program is ridiculously low!

    This Program is NOT for Everyone!

    As you've probably already noticed, this program is focused on giving you the skills of a good teacher - regardless of subject. That means that there are a few things that ARE NOT a part of it. The biggest of which is that...

    I will not be teaching you step-by-step, physical martial arts or self-defense techniques!

    That means that it doesn't matter what system you teach, how many black belts you possess, or anything of the sort. This is about learning to communicate, train, inspire, and assist others to learn what you teach faster... and to keep them in your program LONGER!

    But even with all that said, there are still a few instructors that this program is NOT going to work for. So...

    If any of these statements is true for you... then DO NOT enroll! You will only be disappointed!

    If you are already an instructor who is completely satisfied with what you know and how you teach...

    If you are bringing in a steady stream of dedicated, committed students...

    If your students consistently return to classes, with only the occasional dropout...

    If you're happy teaching a small group or the occasional student who can't seem to fit this into his schedule or commit to consistent training...

    If you believe that the only "right" way to teach is the way your teacher taught you...


    If you are resistant to change and learning new techniques and skills...

    Then this program is probably not for you.


    Let's review...

    When you enroll in this special, Closed-Door, training program, and become a member of my "Inner Circle" of serious professional martial arts educators, you get:

    • 16 weekly 2 hour teleseminar/webinar class recordings - that's over 30 hours of training with me (value $3,152)
    • The opportunity to get answers to your most pressing questions regarding your own training (value "priceless!")
    • Student Study Packet and course materials for each "module" (value $752)
    • 6 months of unlimited, personalized email coaching value ($2,700)
    • Certificate of Training upon completion of the program
    • Bonus training videos, audio lessons, and more (value $297.)
    • Direct, personalized feedback and suggestions for making you the best teacher you can be. No more trying to figure it out on your own or copying someone else's teaching style!

    That's a total value of $6,901!

    You can see how I'd be completely reasonable in commanding between $2,500 and $5,000 for this powerful program.

    But, as a limited-time, introductory offer to this powerful online martial arts instructor training course - one that I'm limiting to the first 20 17 students who grab this chance to learn skills that will make you the kind of professional martial arts teacher that your students need and deserve. Why 17? Based on the limited time that I have, that's how many students I have determined that I can give personalized attention to at any one time in this area of training.

    The cost of this Accelerated Martial Arts Instructor Training & Certification Course, including all study materials, certificate of training, and all of the mp3 recordings - is just  $597.  a single payment of $497 (scroll down for the monthly installment plan option)...

    If you've ever taken professional education courses, you know that 4 months of classes could cost you as much as $3,000 - $5,000 - and there are no "course materials," or recordings of the class that you will able to download and keep to remind you of what you learned! These recordings alone are easily worth FIVE TIMES the price of this course! To grab one of the limited spots remaining in this program, and take advantage of this extremely low cost before it goes up to the full price of $1,997 that I'll be charging very shortly...

    ...simply click on the PayPal button below. Once payment is complete, you will be taken to a confirmation page where you will be able to complete your registration and list up to three of your most important questions about anything you feel will help your training and progress.

    And, as a bonus, the answers to your questions will be included in the program AT NO ADDITIONAL COST so that you get EXACTLY what YOU need to master the art of teaching others effectively!

    Lock in Your Place Now...

    Simply click on the PayPal button that fits your budget to be taken to the secure payment page. Once payment is complete, you will be taken to a confirmation page to complete your registration process.

    Single Payment of  $597.  $497


    4 Payments of  $155  $125
    (1 Payment now, then each installment 30 days apart)

    This is a special online training program and may be removed at any time. Most martial arts and self-defense instructors teaching today have never really been taught how to communicate, lead and inspire their students to be all they can be. Unfortunately for them, they are missing out on lessons and secrets that can make them the type of leader that others crave to be around and to learn from - secrets that this course will uncover for you.

    Of course, the choice is yours as to how much you master the art of teaching. This course provides not only a solid foundation from which to build your personal mastery, but it also approaches the subject from a valid, proven, scientific perspective, with a 30 year track record of success.

    That's it. Plain and simple.

    No fluff. No hype. Just the knowledge and methods you can use to become the best martial arts instructor you can be!

    If you really want to master the art of teaching the martial arts, and develop the perspective, commitment, purpose, and skills of a professional martial arts educator, then you have to make sure that you grab this unique training opportunity while it's still priced at 94% off the full value of the training!

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