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Are You Looking To Master More of Your Life and Gain More of the Kind of Real Power, Confidence and Control That Leads to...

Deliberate, Enlightened Living?

If so...

ninja mind science training
This New Mikkyo Mind-Science
Home Study Course Might Just Be
the Perfect "Next Step"
in Your Life Mastery Training!


Within the realm of the Japanese, esoteric mind-science known as Mikkyo, there is an ancient practice known as the "Sadhana (song) of the 13 Buddhas and Bodhisattvas."  This is both a life meditation ritual, and a study of the Path leading to Full and Complete Enlightenment (aka Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi), that predates both the Taizokai "Matrix womb' and Kongokai 'Diamond-Thunderbold' mandala that you might be familiar with in your Ninpo Martial Arts study.

I have been asked by students for quite some time for more in-depth study into the personal empowerment Mikkyo practice methods.  Until now, I reserved teaching these lessons to only my in-house, personal students who were already training with me in my dojo. But, I know how much this training can do for you, because it provided a huge leap in my own understanding of myself, of life, and of the success that can be yours as a result of clear, deliberate, and unfettered thinking!

This teaching is very dynamic and each Buddha and Bodhisattva can be seen from many different perspectives...

...for protection... from a mindfulness and personal development viewpoint, and as a stage of development on the greater Path toward Enlightened living.

This is an accelerated program, delivering 1 lesson each week for the next 15 weeks. But, it will take much longer than that to fully digest and own these wisdom teachings. Make no mistake about it; this will be a challenging Path and not an easy one to walk - although Ego will try to make it so.

The question to ask yourself is the same one asked of me by my teacher all those years ago: "Do you really want to know the truth?"

Seems like an easy one to answer, but I promise that it goes much deeper into the core of who and what you think you are, and what you think is going on around you, than you could ever imagine. So... again, in the words of my teacher: "Do not make this decision, or take this step, lightly."


During this life-empowering program,
you will...

  • Explore each "Buddha" and "Bodhisattva" from 3 Perspectives:

1. External "Role Model" of Perfect Enlightenment
2. Internal Quality to be Realized and Expressed in the World
3. Universal "Energy" that manifests in many forms but is in truth, one "essential nature."
  • Outline the ritual meditation and it's uses

  • "Go Beyond" the surface and see it as a Path toward Enlightened Living
  • Brief history of Esoteric Buddhist thought
  • Examine the Jusan Butsu as a historical pre-cursor to the 8 Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the Taizokai mandala, and the 5 Primary Buddhas of the Kongokai mandala.


When you enroll in this Ninpo-Mikkyo Life Mastery program, you will receive...

  • An English-language copy of the Ritual Meditation (downloadable pdf)
  • Student workbook covering the Jusan Butsu (13 Buddhas & Bodhisattvas)
  • A color graphic of the Jusan Butsu that you can print out and use for practice sessions
  • An image of each of the Buddha/Bodhisattvas from the Ritual (for visualization work)
  • A pdf outline of the ritual meditation and practice area set-up
  • mp3 recording of the entire ritual meditation being performed
  • mp3 audio clips of each mantra being pronounced
  • Graphic pics of the bija seed sylable for each Buddha/Bodhisattva
  • Instruction and commentary on each section of the ritual (with supporting lessons as appropriate) - so you fully understand the significance of each part
  • Lesson, background, and commentary on each of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and Fudo-Myo-oh.
  • Outline and teaching on the Mikkyo concept of the Trikaya ("3 Bodies of the Buddha")
  • Definitions of each of the terms that you will be encountering
  • A special lesson that will teach you how to see and use the 13 "Buddhas & Bodhisattvas" as universal symbols that mark the Path to Success
  • Basic background and history of Japanese Esoteric Practice via the  Shingon and Tendai schools


In Summary, your course includes...

Each week, you will receive one module containing several audio recordings of different parts of that week's overall lesson. Over 75 audio lessons in all.  A $2,025 value (at $27 each)

You will also receive...

...the English language translation of the Ritual and instructions for practice.  $97 value

...unlimited email coaching for 4 full months.  $300 value

...Action Guides for each week's practice. $135 value

...background "biographies" (in pdf format) and symbolic reference on the Path of each of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the practice.  $351 value (at $27 each)


That's a total value of... $2,908.


I'm sure that you can see how easy it would be for me to price this program at $997.  When I release this as a finished program, I plan to offer the program for at least $497 - which is 83% off the full value.

But, for this week only - from right now until Saturday night at 9pm Eastern time...

You can enroll in this special, online Ninpo-Mikkyo, Life Mastery program, which contains lessons and Universal Truth principles that have been helping practitioners change their lives for over 600 years...

...for just 1 single payment of $247.

If you're ready to take "the next step" in your understanding of yourself, your world, and the connection between the two, to gain the empower yourself for greater success, simply use the special discounted PayPal button that works for you, to enroll in this program which will begin next week.  After you enroll, you will receive update and confirmation emails leading up to the start date:

Single Payment of $247




If you aren't able to make the one-time payment, that's okay.  I understand.

Here's the link to getting in using a simple payment plan of $55 down, and then $55 per month for 4 more months:

5 Equal Monthly Payments of $55



As soon as you enroll and I confirm your registration, I will send you the first module's lessons so you can begin right away. This first lesson will include, not only your class recordings, but also an English-language copy of the Sadana of the 13 Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, a downloadable image that you can print out, and a student workbook that you'll be using over the course of the 15-week program.

But... I'm only holding this until the end of the weekend.  After that, the price will go up to at least $497.

So, if you are looking to gain a deeper understanding of the Ninja's Mikkyo mind-science teachings, this would be a great "next step."