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Bo-Staff Training videos


Introduction to the
Japanese Long Staff

Many serious students of classical, Japanese martial arts see the rokushaku-bo (aka bo-staff) as even more powerful than the katana... but not for the reasons that many people think. To many, its simple, unassuming design, flexible nature, and availability as a self-defense tool in the modern world make it one of the "must-know" martial arts weapons to master in their training.

Can you see that?

I mean, if you've ever seen a true master of the bo-staff wielding the weapon, you know what they mean... and probably even more so if you think the same way!

But, what you may not know, is that each and every school of traditional Japanese budo - real combat martial arts - had it's own, unique methods for holding, taking up combat postures, striking and otherwise using this simple pole weapon. That means that in a system like Bujinkan Ninjutsu, there are 9 different bo-staff methods, matching the 9 primary schools of combat. But, even with all that...

There are still common basics among them that you will need to master before you can explore what each school has to offer your advanced training and skill level.

Int'l Self-Defense Instructor Jeffrey M. MillerHi, I'm Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller, and I don't know how you found this page or if you even know me. And that's okay.

But, if you do know me, through my yearly Ninja Training Camps, ongoing seminars, or other ninjutsu and self-defense training resources like books and videos, you know that I am more than another black belt with master-teacher status in the art of Bujinkan Ninjutsu... that I have been training in the art since 1980 - almost since the art was first introduced to the Western-world and teaching longer than most Shidoshi have been in the art!

And, as someone who takes his training very seriously, just as you do... I have worked with some of the top senior master instructors both in Japan and around the world - including traveling to Japan an average of once a year to train with Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi - the headmaster of the 9 historical ryu-ha and founder of the international Bujinkan Dojo...

I want to make sure that what I teach you is not only correct in form, but also in function. Because... let's face it. We're not in just another sport-based or flashy system... we're involved in real budo - a real combat art! And, as such, what you learn from me or any other teacher for that matter... must work, not just in the dojo... but on the street... where it counts!

Bujinkan NinjutsuBut, that being said, I still consider myself a student and continue to seek out teachers and lessons that will help me take my own training, skills, and abilities to the next level.

That goes for unarmed self-defense training, whether in a martial art like ninjutsu or a general self-defense program - and it's even more true when it comes to mastering a powerful martial arts weapon like the bo-staff, which is one of my favorite weapons. Any chance I get to learn more, and of course to share that knowledge and passion with other serious students - to help to pass these warrior teachings on - really does it for me.

In fact, this is one of the topics that I taught during my recent Spring Ninja Training Camp. It was this weapon alone that brought many students to this year's Ninja Camp specifically.

If you were in on the training, you not only got the chance to work on the techniques, principles and concepts that we covered, but you also have access to all of the seminar recordings from the event.

But, up to now, if you weren't in on that training, or you're not one of my local students... the training just wasn't available. I'd have to say that you missed out on some really great training.

I say, "up until now" because I've decided to release the lesson recordings so that you can benefit from this training and learn all the lessons that were taught during this special break-out session training with the bo-staff weapon.

Introducing a New Ninjutsu Weapons Training Program...

bo-staff training


Introduction to the Long Staff Weapon

These are the recordings taken from the actual live training conducted at the Warrior Concepts Academy last March. This program also includes the fundamentals of the rokushaku-bo that forms a part of my Warrior Concepts Black Belt Ninjutsu curriculum for serious students.

In this Introduction to Mastering the Bo-Staff, you'll learn:

  • 9 Combat postures with the rokushaku-bo 6' staff weapon
    (including the "feeling" of the kamae")

  • 9-directional striking actions

  • Spinning the bo-staff for shielding and tricky strikes

  • Traditional combat bowing form

  • 4-directional staff turning

  • An actual bo-staff kata from the 2nd level scroll of the centuries-old Kukishinden school

  • and more!

This program will give you the solid foundation in basic bo-staff weapon skills that have saved the lives of ancient master warriors for centuries!

This program will be offered in dvd form as a packaged set for at least $67 very soon. But, I know that there are many students looking for Bo-Staff lessons like these right now and who want them right away. So...

I've decided that you can have these recordings as digital downloads - but only for the next couple of days for just $37.

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Ready to get these live training recordings focusing on the basics of the Rokushaku-Bo - the 6' Long Staff weapon of the Samurai and Ninja - from this past Spring Ninja Training Camp?

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