Ninpo Mikkyo training

Buried Deep Within the Misunderstood Martial Art of Ninjutsu,
Lies the Ancient Secrets to Helping You...



In learning the Truth - The truth about life....

YOUR Life and what it means to be a TATSUJIN...

"a Fully-actualized Human Being"

When you learn these ancient secrets, you will...

Have More Power, Confidence & Control.

Experience a Deeper Feeling of Happiness, Joy, and Fulfillment.

Overcome the Effects of Negative Energy, People and Situations.

Produce Greater Results with Less Effort.

And Do It All Using

the Universal Laws of Nature!



And, in this new online training course, from a real-life practitioner and teacher of these Wisdom Teachings, you will gain an in-depth study of the basic Buddhist principles lying at the foundation of the Ninja's esoteric MIKKYO 'mind-science teachings,' their real-world, practical applications, and discover the proven, time-tested wisdom teachings containing the
“Secrets of Successful Living” –

Universal Truths that have been used for centuries by average people
just like you and I to overcome the problems, grief, confusion, and frustration of Life and to have the kind of success, power, and control
that most people only dream about.


Dear Serious Student of Life,

Are you looking to boost your effectiveness. Are you trying to figure out how to produce more results in your life, career, and relationships, yet tired of the bogus personal development and life-mastery theories being touted by some 'spiritual' gurus, which all seem to cost a fortune and end up not working in the end?

Do you feel like, even with all of your knowledge, that there are still some things you definitely need to know -- some critical answers that you're seeking -- and want to "fill in the gaps" of your knowledge?

Have you heard about these or other "wisdom-teachings" and want to get a pragmatic, balanced understanding of the foundations?

Do want to continue your journey on the Path and feel like you've just started to scratch the surface of what you could ultimately know about when it comes to your self, your world, and the connection between the two?

Are you ready to have your world, your reality, and/or your perception of reality shaken-up and challenged?

Or, perhaps you're seeking the tools and methods to clarify the Path -- the proven, time-tested tools developed by ancient warriors and Enlightened Sages, to discern reality from egocentric beliefs and idle theory, and methods for uncovering the answers to Life's most important lessons.

You need to know the indestructible Truths – the secrets that successful students of my "Ninja Mind" program are raving about. Even better, these lessons and strategies have been time-tested and proven to produce the kind of results that you're looking for – and best of all...

...they've been working for warriors and others seeking personal clarity, Enlightenment, and success ...for over 2,500 years!

Hi, my name is Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller, and I am the creator of the highly successful
“Warrior Concepts Life Mastery Program”, a self-protection and personal development - total life mastery - program that has been used by literally thousands of students - both in my academy, at camps and seminar intensives, and now here online.   Now, you may not know me, and I'm not sure how you found this page, but I'd like to fill in a little of the mystery for you.

You see... I've been involved in the study and practice of the martial and meditative arts of the East – what you might call the "Life Mastery sciences" – for over 30 years. I have sought out and studied with martial arts masters and Enlightenment teachers in 6 countries and on 3 continents. I'm also an author, consultant, initiated lay-teacher in the Tendai sect of esoteric Buddhism – THE oldest school of Buddhist study and practice in Japan – and the producer of the online training course, “The First 7 Steps on the Path of a Buddha” which, until now, has only been available to my close personal students and those who have made it to one of my special seminar intensives.

I'm not telling you these things to impress you. I'm telling you to impress "upon" you that I am not just another internet marketing guy with something to sell you that was thrown together without any real knowledge or experience to back it up. And, also because...

I wasn't always an accomplished teacher of these ancient wisdom-teachings. In fact, I bet that I was no different from you when I began my journey - this journey to understand as much as I could about myself, my world, and the keys to getting more results with less effort.

I, like most people was raised to believe that the world worked a certain way. I was taught that I had certain skills and characteristics, and that there were only a few "right" ways to do things. And, after trying to do all the "right" things, in all the "right" ways...

...I was still left wondering why I didn't have more happiness for all of my effort. And why I still had the same (and sometimes more) frustration and confusion - not less.

Sure, I have always had my fair share of happiness, good times, and a decent measure of success. But, what I found was that every time I tried to cut down on the amount of negativity in my life - every time I tried to increase the positive...

...I only got marginal results - marginal improvement. And it always felt like I was swimming upstream, or fighting an uphill battle.

Do you know what I mean?

So, after years of mediocre results and going along with the pack - doing things the same as everyone else...

...I went on what I'll call simply - a "spiritual journey." I set out to find out what I was missing.

Have you ever wanted to accomplish something so badly that you were willing to do whatever it took to make it happen? Well, I knew that there had to be an easier way. And I was going to find it - no matter what!

And, after searching through dozens of spiritual and philosophical traditions, reading countless books, and listening to so-called 'guru' after 'guru,' I finally found the keys – the timeless lessons that I was looking for.

But, I didn't find the answers where you might think. In fact, I don't know who would ever expect to find these secrets where I found them. Because...

I didn't find them in a church, a college philosophy class, some guru's personal empowerment seminar, or even in a self-help book.


Believe it or not... I found them hidden in an ancient martial art known as NinjutsuNinpo in its higher, life-mastery, form. And, after studying these ancient lessons for literally 3 decades, I discovered three things:

  • The traditional form of these lessons were not always easily understandable by modern, Western students,


  • The ancient Masters and their students had the EXACT same problems to overcome as you and I have in Today's modern world, and...



  • You don't have to be a student of Ninjutsu, or any other martial art for that matter, to gain the full power and benefit of these wisdom-teachings!


Let me ask you a few questions...


Have you ever wondered why life feels like a giant "merry-go-round" –
a constant cycle of pain, frustration, and happiness - a never ending ride that leaves you feeling like it's the "same shit but different day"?

Do you feel frustrated with the fact that you're following “the rules” and doing what you were taught about being happy and getting the results you want...

...only to be left with less success, control, confidence, power, and happiness than you know you deserve?

Are you tired of trying to figure things out on your own?
Have you tried to study and teach yourself but feel lost, directionless, and without the guidance to know what to do, and how?

Do you want to learn the essential key lessons – the universal truths about life as a human being, and how you can go beyond a life of mediocrity, acceptance, and settling for less... having the kind of life you've always dreamed of living?


Well, here's your chance!


The Keys to Unlocking the
Power, Confidence, Clarity & Control
You've Always Wanted

Esoteric Buddhist teacher and Life Mastery coach, Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller
Contrary to what you'll find in the teachings of most gurus, philosophers, and spiritual leaders, we do not all have the same questions, and the same answers will not satisfy us all either.

That's why it is more important for you to learn the “Universal Truths” – the concepts and principles that are inherent in Nature – rather than any set dogma or set of rules...

If you are going to make the necessary changes that “You” need in Your life.

The trick - if there is such a thing - is to work WITH Universal Law... not with idle theory, or someone's ideas about what "should" work!

The Key to Unlocking the Power, Understanding & Abilities of a True Enlightened Master Begins with Understanding a Core Set of Universal Truths.

One of the keys to understanding is in discovering that these "Truths" that I'm talking about are not “beliefs” that you must conform to, in order to be accepted by the other members of some elite group of followers. In fact, you are not allowed to say that you “believe” the lessons until you “know” for sure that they ARE True. But then...

They're not really “beliefs” at that point, are they?

I know from speaking with students, both in my Academy and through email, that one of the concerns that many, if not all, are concerned with are the contradictions between the different philosophies that they have encountered. What is particularly bothersome is the fact that every “school-of-thought” seems to have its own unique set of beliefs and rules – and it is these beliefs that seem to differentiate each system from all the others.

Rather than saying the same thing...

They all seem to be trying to say that they are the only ones with the right way to do it - the only one with the "right" answers.

I know. Because I ran into the same problems and frustrations myself.

That is, until I discovered a part of Ninjutsu that not only held the keys to living your life by design, but the lessons were universal and not “owned” by this or any other system, philosophy, or religion.

You may have heard of something called the Mikkyo 'mind-science' teachings within Ninpo. If you're not involved with Ninjutsu training, don't worry, it's not necessary for you to be.

But, the point is that, what many people misunderstand and see as magic, ritual, or some kind of ancient belief system... actually the 3rd development or manifestation of the Buddhist philosophical studies of life.

And, to really understand the idea and function of the many ritual meditations and practices within Mikkyo, there is a core set of lessons that must be studied first.

And, it is these core lessons and study areas that form the basis of my new program called...

The First 7 Steps
on the Path of a Buddha*”

(* 'Awakened / Enlightened One')

Well, truth be told... it's not really “new.” In fact, “The First 7 Steps on the Path...” was originally designed as an introductory stage set of lessons for my personal students who wanted to be initiated into the study and practice of Buddhist Vajrayana (“The Diamond-Thunderbolt Vehicle”) – the esoteric mind-science teachings of Universal Truth that you might know in it's Japanese form as Mikkyo.

As such, it contains the core lessons that are necessary for one to even approach Mikkyo practice. These lessons are necessary because Mikkyo is a condensed form of the teachings, where every image, object, spoken sound, and gesture is a symbolic representation of a greater lesson.

And, the core principle of Mikkyo is most often seen in the Ninja warrior's Sanmitsu “Triple Secrets of Success” teaching.
** The triple secrets point to the science and understanding of using our thoughts, words, and actions, focused in harmony with each other - and with Natural Laws like karma, etc. - to produce the level and quality of results, relationships, achievements, and success that you want in your life.

Make No Mistake. You cannot find the information in this course, presented this way... Anywhere Else!

I am an initiated lay-teacher in the Tendai sect of Japanese Mikkyo, and have been studying and putting these lessons to actual use in my own life since 1980. That means that I have not only studied the lessons contained in these ancient teachings, but I have a direct, intimate experience with them, both in my own life, and in helping dozens of close, personal students to realize the results that they were seeking in their own lives.

This mastery course includes Sixteen (16) audio & webinar class recordings - over 27 hours of deep, intense instruction and exploration into both the Universal Laws of Nature, and putting those laws to work to create more of the life you really want to be living. These come directly from a live program that I taught to some of my closest, personal students - people like you who wanted to go beyond mere fighting skills, and learn how to overcome what can be our biggest, greatest enemy... ourselves!

From the very first session – designed to provide you with an overview of what most in the West know as “Buddhism” but the rest of the world simply calls, “The Study of the Dharma – the Truth.” It uncovers little known aspects about the study and practice, and in it I will share secrets with you that will forever change the way you look at and approach yourself, your life, and your interactions with others – guaranteed!

Then, over the course of 15 more, intensely powerful, life-changing and informative modules, you will be lead through an exploration of each of the core principles that are not only known, but lived by an Enlightened Master.

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Here's an outline of each of the sessions and the Wisdom Teachings that I'll be giving you:


Class 1 – "Myths, Realities, Beliefs... and Truths"
  • What is a Buddha?


  • A brief history of the 3 “schools” of Buddhist thought and practice


  • The Buddha was a Human Being – just like you and I
  • What the Buddha DID NOT teach!
  • Course overview of the coming weeks
  • Q & A


Class 2 – "The Four Noble Truths”
  • Defining the Human Condition
  • What causes “Suffering”, Frustration, and Discontent?
  • The difference between the desire for “wants” and the desire for “needs”
  • Definition of key Sanskrit terms (Dukkha, Trishna, Karma, Samsara, Nirvana, etc.)
  • The power of “Perspective”
  • Q & A


Class 3 – "The 3 Treasures and the Elements of Success"
  • The difference between “Beliefs,” “Facts,” & “Truths”
  • 3 beliefs necessary for Success
  • Defining the “3 Treasures”
  • Respect and the Path
  • Your Teacher vs. The Buddha
  • KOAN: “Meeting the Buddha on the road”
  • Q & A

Class 4 – "The Noble 8-Fold Path"
  • Exploring the Path toward Enlightenment
  • Examining the relationship of each “Step”
  • Defining “Right” & “Wrong”
  • Mindfulness as the Key to Liberation from Suffering
  • Intentional living vs. Accidental living
  • The 8-Fold Path in Mikkyo
  • Q & A


Class 5 – "Basic Meditation”
  • What IS Meditation?
  • Sammadhi: "Absorption" & Basic 'Centering' Meditation
  • Suggestions for effective practice
  • When NOT to practice meditation
  • Meditation 'postures' – Which one is best for you?
  • Q & A


Class 6 - “The 6 Realms of Existence and Modern Psychology"
  • Ancient psychology model
  • Defining the 6 Realms of Existence
  • How each “Realm” perceives the themselves and their world
  • The cause of suffering as perceived by each personality
  • The only “Realm” that can attain Enlightenment
  • Q & A


Class 7 – "The 10 Errors of View"
  • How Belief's govern our thoughts and actions
  • Fear-based perspective
  • Pessimistic vs. Optimistic vs. Nihilistic vs. “Escapism”
  • Science-centered study and practice
  • Overcoming childish fears that limit our growth
  • Q & A


Class 8 – "Vipassana & Prajna – Developing the Insight that leads to Enlightenment"
  • Exploring “Insight-based” (following) meditative practice
  • Developing “Insight” and going beyond what the eyes can “see”
  • Information – Knowledge - Wisdom
  • Transcending conventional thoughts and beliefs
  • Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How: Asking the important questions

    Q & A


Class 9 – "The 4 Marks of Existence"
  • Truth about life for Human Beings
  • Defining the '4 Marks'
  • Discovering the “Truth”
  • Seeing the Reality of Existence in Everything
  • Impermanence, Non-Attachment, and Transcendence
  • Q & A


Class 10 – "The 3 Bodies of Truth"
  • Reviewing the 3 Schools of Buddhist thought (Hinayana, Mahayana, Vajrayana)
  • The link between the Microcosm and the Macrocosm
  • Introduction to Mikkyo and the concept of 3-in-1 and 1-in-3
  • Seeing the “big picture” and “the details” simultaneously
  • The 3 Buddha “Bodies”
  • Q & A


Class 11 – "Karma and the Law of Cause & Effect"
  • Defining “Karma” - What it IS and what it is NOT!
  • 3 Characteristics of Karma
  • 2 Types of Karma
  • Effects of Karmic Actions
  • Taking Control of the Process to create the life you want
  • Q & A


Class 12 – “The Law of Dependent Origination"
  • 12-fold Chain of Dependent Origination
  • Another look at the Law of Karma
  • Symbolic representations of each link in the “Chain”
  • Where and how to break the cycle of suffering and rebirth
  • Understanding the Buddhist Concept of “Rebirth”
  • Q & A


Class 13 – "Basic Symbolism Used in Buddhist Thought & Practice"
  • The 8 Auspicious Objects
  • General Symbols in Buddhist Iconography
  • Esoteric Symbols used in Vajrayana study (Mikkyo)
  • The reason for the use of Statues in Buddhist ritual practice
  • A brief introduction to the concept of Mudra
  • Q & A


Class 14 – "Morals, Ethics & Discipline"
  • The 5 Precepts: Vows for the Lay Practitioner
  • Karma and the Vows
  • Precepts and Decision-making
  • Using the precepts as a model for personal development and success
  • Q & A


Class 15 – "The 10 Evils"
  • Going beyond the basic Precepts
  • Everyday habits that chain us to the Samsaric World
  • Defining the “10 Evils”
  • Reversing negative habits
  • Using “Mindful Precision” to create the things in life that we want
  • Q & A


Class 16 – "Defining and Exploring The Human Being"
  • Soul or No-soul – Is there really a question?
  • A brief study of the Buddha's early teachers
  • The 5 Skandhas
  • 3 contemplation meditation exercises (vipasshana) on the Skandha of “Form”
  • Q & A


Bonus Class 1 – "What's Next for the Serious Student?"
  • Taking Refuge
  • The 4 “Classes” of Buddhist Practitioners
  • “Gold” Buddhist vs. “Brass” Buddhists
  • The Teacher – Student Relationship
  • Course Review
  • Q & A


More Than An Academic Class

During this intensive study into the foundational lessons needed to truly understand the practice of Mikkyo and esoteric practice, you will be learning much more than historical facts. Because, this program is designed, just like all of Shidoshi Miller's programs, for action-takers.

These lessons are meant to be put to use IN your life, to help you to CREATE the life you really want to be living. A life filled with depth, meaning, power, energy, and purpose. And, through the lessons in mindful living, clarity of vision, and depth of experience and purpose... will not only learn the lessons and principles for successful living, but you will experience changes right from the very first class!

Register Now - Limited Spaces Available!


This Unique Course Is Scheduled To Begin...

As soon as you enroll!

(Note: This is a private use license. All materials, including class recordings and intellectual property are protected by copyright and the sole property of WCI and Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller. No use, copying, or distribution, whether for sale, trade, or free is strictly prohibited without expressed, written permission from the copyright holders).

Other Great Reasons to Register for This
Special, One-of-a-Kind Program...

When you enroll in “The First 7 Steps of a Buddha” online training program, you will receive:

  • 16 class/subject recordings. Each recording is valued at $97 – value $1,552
  • Each lesson was recorded during a private group-study class, so you'll have plenty of time to review, study and reflect on the lessons learned! You'll also benefit from the insights and questions of your fellow students.
  • 7 Student Training Workbooks containing all 16 core lessons. value $ 257.
  • Unlimited email coaching with Shidoshi Miller – so you can get your questions answered right away, in case you need help or clarity between the group classes. value $2,700.
  • Powerpoint slides for each class. value $320.


  • The program includes not only a teaching core, but also...
    • a homework/accountability core - you'll be responsible for about an hour of homework each week. And a...
    • coaching core. That means that you get unlimited email access to me to help you with any of these lessons for not just the length of this program - but for a full 6 months!


Here's How It Works...



The program consists of 3 parts:

  • A Teaching Module: Where I teach on the details and subjects included in the “First 7 Steps” online training course. This is augmented by teaching materials such as video clips, training workbooks, etc.
  • A Coaching Module: Where you will have the chance to ask any questions that you might have about, not only the subjects in the teaching core, but also in your own personal training, and thereby tailor the program to your own training and development needs. And...
  • A Homework/Accountability Module: You will receive weekly assignments that I will hold you accountable to and for completing. Assignments are related to the previous session and are sent to you via email along with your teaching core audio.

So, enrolling in this course means that you get essentially 3 programs for the price of one!

You get 16 recordings of real training sessions with me where you will learn about how to put the universal truths of Nature to practice in your life - and exactly what you need to learn to succeed and advance through these 7 foundational stages toward advanced Mikkyo practice. AND...

In addition to the class mp3s, you will be receiving course outlines, worksheets, and extra bonuses to make sure that you have everything you need to succeed in this course, and in your own training!

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This Is YOUR Chance...


During this powerful course, you will literally take your training to the next level!

  • You will learn more in these 16 weeks, than most college students and academics have learned in YEARS of training!
  • Not only will you learn about each of these foundational lessons, but you will be able to put these powerful lessons to work in your own life - from the very first class!
  • Remember, you will not only be learning the lessons contained in each of these classes, but you will also have email access to me, so that you can ask any questions you may have about the things that are holding you back from the power, success, and life you were meant to have!
  • During this special course, you will be receiving, not only study materials and resources that, up to now, have been reserved only for my in-house students - you will be receiving brand new materials and lessons that have been designed and created especially for THIS course!
  • And, considering that my normal fee for training with me personally in special training sessions like this, is $150 an hour - the cost of this online coaching program is ridiculously low!

Let's review...

When you enroll in this special, Closed-Door, training program, and become a member of my "Inner Circle" of serious students, you get:

  • 16 Online Seminar recordings with me – over 27 hours of training value $1,552
  • The opportunity to get answers to your most pressing questions regarding your own training value "priceless!"
  • Workbook and course materials for the lessons at each "Step" value $257
  • 6 months of unlimited, personalized email coaching from an initiated lay-teacher of Tendai-shu – THE oldest sect of Japanese Buddhist study and practice value $2,700

  • The opportunity to progress to the Next Level upon completion of the program

  • Direct, live feedback from, not only a real teacher – but an actual practitioner of these Wisdom Teachings. No more trying to figure it out on your own!

That's a total value of over $4,507!

You can see how I'd be completely reasonable in commanding between $997 and $1997 for this powerful program. And, I plan to do just that very soon.

But, as a limited-time, introductory offer to this powerful course - one that I'm limiting to the first 20 17 students who enroll in this time-tested and proven Life-Mastery Program...

The cost of this life-changing and personal empowerment course, including all study materials, live classes, and all of the mp3 recordings with Shidoshi Miller – an authentic lay-teacher of Tendai Mikkyo - is just $597, $450, $397...


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To grab one of the limited spots remaining in this program, and take advantage of this extremely low cost before it goes up to the full price I'll be charging very shortly...

...simply click on the PayPal button below. Once payment is complete, you will be taken to a confirmation page where you will be able to complete your registration and list up to three of your most important questions about Buddhist practice, or challenges that you are having in your life, the lessons contained in the “First 7 Steps on the Path of a Buddha" course – or anything else that will help you to understand these wisdom teachings, and to have more mastery of your own life.

And, as a bonus, I will make sure that the answers to your questions are included in the program AT NO ADDITIONAL COST so that you get EXACTLY what YOU need to master this art!

This is your opportunity to get this program tailored to precisely what YOU need. Because each of these lessons and presentations will be unique to the group and the questions and insights that you bring to it! And, along with the extra email coaching that I'm literally giving you, this is your chance to tailor this one-of-a-kind program to exactly what you need to make your training as productive and beneficial as possible – for YOU.

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5 Easy Payments of $67./Month
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This is a special online training program and may be removed at any time. I am limiting the number of students to 20, so that I can give each student the time and attention that you need to see real progress and change as a result of these ancient wisdom teachings.

Of course, the choice is yours as to how much or how little mastery you have over your own life. This course provides not only a solid foundation from which to build your personal mastery, but it also approaches the subject from a valid, proven, historical perspective – and is based on not just academic study, but over 20 years of actual, real-world practice and life-changing experience.

That's it. Plain and simple.